the Book for Bones and Flowerpetals

After nine months of hauling a typewriter through the citystreets of New York, Paris, New Orleans and Seattle to write poems for intimate strangers, the Book for Bones and Flowerpetals has arrived. This is the slim compilation of poems I wrote for you, expanded, revised and edited into new creations while in Istanbul.

Currently only available in digital PDF format for e-readers.

Gravity According to Birds

"This book provides a window into two souls intertwined: that of a youth seeking to discover a world that calls to him, and that of an ancient, storied city on the African coast. Freedom, desperation, and elation are here, of that rarified quality reserved only for those who endure extreme hunger, extreme poverty, and those who possess the will to gaze into the face of fear with a wry, defiant grin! Encounters with the unusual, uncouth and unpleasant, the incredible, the gritty, the wondrous abound, each tale revealing another shade and another layer of these souls: the blue of the sky, the white of sun-bleached walls, the earthen tones of the dust, the dirt and the sand mingle with the life that enlivens and sculpt the soul of a harsh, charming, and mysterious land. Ultimately it is a novel about heeding the call, the inextricable unity of the inner and outer depths, and a rip-roaring, dashing adventure story full of humor and bravado delivered in a style that is masterful, poetic, and insightful." 


-Gunnar Cox, MountainPoet

"Uncover your ears and strip down to your flesh, this is the new sound of literary rebellion."

-Amy Leona Havin, Author/Artist

All printings have been handcrafted, bound, and sewn by the author in   collaboration with Ars Obscura Bookbindery in Seattle, Washington.